Where Did Buyers Find The Home They Purchased??

πŸ‘€ Take a look at where buyers found the home they eventually purchased 

The internet is by far the #1️ source, followed closely by a Realtor at #2.

This doesn't mean that only 34% use a Realtor; approximately 88% of buyers do - but our role has changed from being the gate-keepers of the listing information to being more of a consultant and advisor throughout the buying & selling process.

πŸš™ Yard signs still account for about 8% of all sales as buyers drive around neighborhoods they want to live in.  πŸ‘

πŸ“° You will see that print advertising accounts for only about 1% of all sales in our industry.  By the time listings go to print, it is often outdated information. Buyers have learned to look at more accurate data online.

πŸ’» Beyond accounting for about 51% of all sales, about 95% of buyers use the internet in some fashion during their home search.

Many real estate agents subscribe to the 3 P's Marketing Plan:

1. Put up a sign

2. Put it in MLS

3. Pray πŸ™

πŸ‘Š We like to do much more to ensure our client's goals are met. πŸ‘Š

 Link Realty's Marketing Plan

1. Our Website

It is a proven fact that consumers distrust unattractive websites.

🏑 Your property deserves to be showcased on our web site that is beautifully-designed, well thought-out and effective - it grabs the attention of today's internet-savvy buyers and captures 100s of leads each month!! 🎯

2. Professional Photography πŸ“·

According to the National Association of Realtors 2016 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers report, 89% of buyers had photos at the top of their list as the most useful feature when looking at homes online.

We hire professional photographers to showcase your property - it's the most important aspect of successfully marketing your property online. Today, potential buyers' first showing is not at the house in person - but online before they ever call or make an inquiry. Pictures of the house have to be sharp! 

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite professional photos from our past listings:

3. Drone Photography, Video & 3D Tours 

When the listing calls for it, we're happy to go to the next leveand provide this type of media to make your property stand out on line.

4. "Coming Soon" Campaign πŸ”₯

Once we have our photos, floor-plans, and other media completed, we'll begin our "Coming Soon" marketing campaign.

Our #1 goal is to create buzz 🐝 about your property, which in turn creates demand from the marketplace.

We customize a Facebook ad promoting your property.  We have partnered with the leader in the real estate industry for Facebook advertising and have access to templates that we can tailor to your listing.

 (Over 12,000 potential buyers reached!!!) 

We have potential buyers register through their Facebook profile to access more images of your home, the price & location.  

We pay to boost this to our targeted areas πŸ“ which exposes your ad to thousands of people in a 3 day time period before your listing has even gone live

From there, we build a database of potential leads for your property and in your market area which allows us to send out an email blast with the details of your new listing. πŸ”₯

5.  Custom-designed "Home Book"

Once we have the "Coming Soon" ads up & running, our next step is to prepare for the listing to go live in MLS.

We make sure your listing will stand out amongst the crowd.

Buyers will usually just get a printout from MLS when headed to view a property.  

It looks like this:

The Sold KC Group takes it to the next level for you with a full color, custom-designed Home Book that showcases your home and its unique qualities to snag the attention of potential buyers.  We include full color, take-away flyers in this custom binder, as well as your disclosures, an MLS printout, and area information, including local schools, restaurants, neighborhood stats, utilities, etc.  We include a financing profile, specific to your property, for potential buyers to look at, as well as home warranty information.  

6. Go Live in MLS πŸ“£

And we're live!  

We'll get your listing uploaded into MLS with all of the property details, photos, disclosures & floor plans.  From here, every agent and buyer in the local marketplace will have access to the information about your home and we'll be available to begin showing the property!!!

7. Online Exposure & Listing Syndication πŸ‘€

Once we're live in MLS, we'll get exposed on all of the major search portals including Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia, and your listing gets syndicated to 100s of other sites.

Zillow is the #1️ trafficked website in the Kansas City Metropolitan Market and we're a Premier Agent with Zillow. What does that mean, you ask? 

Being a Premier Agent with Zillow means that your listing is attached TO US, rather than an agent who is not attached to your property and just looking for buyer leads.  When a potential buyer clicks on your listing, we are the ONLY contact option to discuss your home. We've seen your home, we can talk knowledgeably about it, and can schedule a showing, rather than a potential buyer contacting a random agent attached to your property, who may not even call them back! πŸ‘»


8. "Hot New Listing" Campaign πŸ“§

Also after going live in MLS, we'll begin the next phase of our Facebook marketing & email blast campaign.  Tapping into our database mentioned above, we'll craft another Facebook ad to our target market announcing that the listing has gone live.

From there, we'll search our database - which includes thousands of contacts for people who have expressed an interest in real estate in your area - and blast out an email announcing the new listing. βœ”οΈ

9.  Open Houses 🏑

We ❀️ Open Houses!

We recognize that some sellers REALLY love open houses as well and think they should be done every weekend.  Rather than do that (which can make buyers feel like the sellers are a little desperate), we strategically schedule open houses for 2 to 4 weeks while your home is listed as "active" in MLS. 

We also know some sellers REALLY hate open houses.  And you're the boss!   If you don't want them, we don't have to do them. β›”

10. Instant Lead Follow Up

By running the "Coming Soon" ad through Facebook, we're able to collect contact information for many potential buyers before the listing even goes live. Based on that ad, we are able to build a list - sometimes with a few hundred contacts - that specifically showed an interest in the listing. 

So what happens with all of these leads when they register through Facebook to see more property details? 

We follow up with them immediately & automatically! πŸ‘Š

Whether or not one of us is available, our customer relationship management (CRM) system sends out an email and text message asking if we can answer any questions they may have about your home.  This is our chance to ENGAGE with the person, and work to set an appointment for the potential buyer to see your property. πŸ™Œ

11. Feedback πŸ““

Once you have listed your home, the market will speak to you.  We find that it usually communicates one of THREE things:

We were PRICED RIGHT!  We list, do all of our marketing, get great activity and get your home sold FAST!

We were PRICED TOO HIGH. We list, do all of our marketing, hold open houses, but we see no activity. The market is sending a message, and we listen. Of course, our goal is to price every listing correctly out of the gate - you receive the most money when a home sells quickly. πŸ’° But in the event that we need to make a price change, we will strategically discuss what makes sense based on the feedback, the average days on market in your neighborhood and price range.

The third scenario looks like this - we list, do all of our marketing, get a steady stream of activity, but NO OFFERS. What does this mean? 

It means your home is priced right to get buyers in the door, but SOMETHING is holding them back from buying. And we listen to this feedback!

We follow up with anyone who sees the home or expresses an interest in it online to get their opinion on the property. We look for trends and commonalities in this feedback to help in determining which issues we address.  We host tours of your home, where other top agents in the area come and give their opinion on what needs to be tweaked to get your home sold!

12. Paperless Transaction Capability

We use DotLoop software for all of our real estate transactions.  This program allows all buyers, sellers & agents to have access to all documents related to the sale online through their unique portal at any time. Most of all, THIS SAVES YOU TIME!!! 😍

13. Regular Check-Ins πŸ“±

We'll be in touch on a regular basis throughout the entire process to update you with activity, marketing and OFFERS on your home!  And we want YOU to know that we are always available via phone, text and email!

14. Expert Guidance with Multiple Offers ⚜️

This is maybe the biggest reason you hired Link Realty - to get the right buyer for the sale of your home! Our experience in this current market is SECOND TO NONE and we make sure our clients get exactly what they need!  We walk you through every offer, let you know the pros and cons of each buyer, and guide you to make the most solid choice.

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